SELWG 2016 whfb tournament part 1 – competition and army restrictions.

So with June upon us we have reached the time of year that the club launches the annual tournament. This year’s pack from Steve sprung some comp surprises on us in the below form:

Most of these are not an issue but the war machine restrictions will definitely impact someone who is predominately a dwarf player (me!)

Part 2 – Rules – can be found here

Part 3 – Terrain – can be found here

Part 4 – Point scoring and secret missions – can be found here.

Army Lists:

  • Each Army, except for the exceptions below, must be no more than 2500 points. These lists will be checked and cleared by an adjudicator and will be open to all once cleared.
  • No End Times Rules or Armies.
  • No Allies may be taken.
  • Wizards must use the same magic lore that they started the competition with throughout the competition. However, wizards that are allowed to generate spells from multiple magic lore’s are allowed to do so. For example, Skaven wizards that are allowed to generate spells from either Plague & Ruin before each game will be allowed to.
  • No Special characters are allowed.
  • No Forge World rules/stat lines apart from Chaos Dwarfs.

 Army lists will be as follows:

Standard army                              2500AP

The following composition restrictions apply:

Lords and Heroes                         Up to 50%                   No double Lords; no triple heroes

Core                                                  At least 25%

Special                                              Up to 50%                   No triples

Rare                                                   Up to 25%                   No doubles

2015 Semi-finalists only:

Lords                                                 Up to 25%                   No doubles

Heroes                                             Up to 25%                   No triples

In addition, the following limits apply:

Up to 3 (2*) units and/or characters classified as Monster

Up to 3(2*) units and/or characters with AS 1+

Up to 3 (2*) units and/or characters with the Flyer special rule

No Wizards with the Flying special rule (including mounts)

Up to 5 (3*) war machines / engineers / war machines upgrades / models with war machine weapons

(such as Ironblasters, Gyrocopters, Hellcannons)

No 4+ Wound MC / MB units with 17+ wounds

No other Cv or MC units with 16+ wounds

No other units with 40+ wounds

* limit in brackets only apply to 2015 quarter and semi-finalists.

 FAQ / Errata / House Rules

  • The current GW FAQ and Errata will apply.
  • Unmodified leadership is the highest leadership in the unit, but not including Inspiring Presence, although BSB re-roll allowed.
  • Look out Sir’s allowed against Dwellers, Dreaded 13th & Final transmutation, providing there are enough rank & file in the unit see P93.
  • High magic Lore “Drain Magic” does not affect Plague of Rust, Wither, or similar non Remains in Play spells that are in place for the remainder of the game.
  • Storm banner – rolled for at the beginning of each players turn by the Skaven player.
  • A unit may not swift reform and move into a building in the same movement phase.

All other FAQs can be found in the Independent WHFB FAQ Document v1.4.

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