Painting 1.0…8?

With the SELWG Smash looming, I joined the time honoured tradition of having to paint a shed load of models in the few weeks before the tournament.(The eagle eyed of you will note the Lion Chariot is missing – mainly as I failed to paint it in time. Failed to finish basing everything too. Totally blaming the baby for that rather than any lack of motivation…)

I think it’s fair to say that painting is without doubt fairly low on my list of skill set. If I didn’t get so much enjoyment from building models I would definitely buy everything pre-painted from ebay. With excuses made I present the (almost) finished army.

The Dwarf contingent


2 Slayers


3 Silvergate guard
Silvergate Guard
4 Thunderers of Clan Silvertop
Thunderers of Clan Silvertop

The High Elf contingent

5 Hurin Nemmin
Hurin Nemmin
6 Vaelin's Helms
Vaelins Helms


7 Kariko's Lancers
Karikos Lancers
8 RBTs
Bolts of Destiny

Note: Karikos and the Bolts of destiny were not painted by me.

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