Starting over

6 years 3 months and some days. What is this you say?

The break taken from fielding hordes of metal and plastic miniatures in an effort to crush your opponent and plough salt into their fields in an effort to prevent anything growing again…or table top gaming if you prefer the mundane term.

So what is my poison. I’ll try a bit of everything but my one true love is Warhammer (whfb) and here I encountered my first problem.

GW have discontinued it…

I won’t go on about this as everyone and their mother have covered it over the last year. Suffice to say I was part of the issue, a die hard whfb fan who played from 3rd edition up to 6th and then took a break (only from the miniatures side mind, still kept the black library in business during this time). What can I say PC gaming lured me away.

So what changed. In short myself and most of my mates had a babies and moved to different geographic locations. This necessitated a need to find an excuse to get out and socialise with some local likeminded people if only for one night a week to break the cabin fever (Don’t get me wrong, I love the little monkey but you do need a break if only to keep your sanity).

In this I found salvation in the form of the club: South East London Wargaming (www.SELWG .org).  Each week they meet and many different games are played (FOG,40K, Malifaux, ART, Starwars to name but a few) but more importantly they still have a large pool of whfb players. Heaven.

So what is the point of this blog. Well mainly for me to keep a record of my time at the club and new experiences. If anyone actually reads it and finds it remotely useful – then bonus!




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