SELWG Smash – 1 day AOS comp prep

The next couple of posts will be around this subject and hands up that they are somewhat late as everything occurred last month.

So no sooner had I returned to the hobby then the opportunity arose to take part in a one day AOS tournament organised by the club and open to the public as part of the run up to this years SCGT run by Heldenhammer

Having already admitted to having been somewhat sceptical about AOS, I thought what the hell, lets drop myself in the deep end.

We would be playing 3 games over the day and these would each cover one of the 5 SCGT scenarios: ‘Heralds of the Storm’, Winds of Death’ and ‘Garden of Life’.

Having decided to go with order I could take up to 150 pool choices of which you could pick and select 100 pool choices for each game. T o keep things simple I decided to just take 100 pool choices and would use this list in every game. This resulted in the first of the tactical blunders of the competition, proving my utter genius before I even started!. So the only thing left to do was decide on what to take.

Well  having no experience of AOS a competitive list wasn’t top of the priorities so instead I decided to take a selection of things I wouldn’t normally do in whfb with a few I would. I loosely had a plan of having 50% of the force made of Dwarf infantry to hold any objectives close to my deployment while having the other 50% of the force made of Elven Cavalry and chariots to sweep across and capture those on the other side.

With this subtle and genius plan fixed, the below list was picked and all that was left was to turn up and claim victory!!

1 * Ungrim (6 Pool Choices)

20 * Slayers (10 Pool Choices) – FC – Icon Bearer

20 * Thunderers (14 Pool Choices) – FC – Clan Banner

20 * Hammerers (20 Pool Choices) – FC

5 * Dragon Princes (8 Pool Choices) – FC

2 * Bolt Throwers (12 Pool Choices)

15 * Silver Helms (18 Pool Choices) – FC

1 * High Elf Prince (6 Pool Choices) – Starblade, Shield, Banner of Phoenix

1 * White Lion Chariot (5 Pool Choices)

Total – 99 Pool Choices

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