Age of Sigmar thoughts

Like most out there I was gutted when GW shelved WHFB. Looking at the company accounts you can understand to some extent why it was done.

I have no issue with AOS as a game. It is simple to play, easy to pick up, can be a lot of fun and there are rarely any arguments over rule interpretations.

There are 2 areas where I do have issues.

  1. Lore – If they wiped out the Warhammer world and shoved it thousands of years into the future, why do they feel the need to reintroduce some of the old Warhammer characters. I suspect that is just twisting the knife in for those who are already annoyed with GW rather than providing a link with the old system. They should just start from scratch, clean break as such.
  2. System – AOS is at heart a skirmish game. It becomes one of many now in the market and not necessarily the best. The draw of whfb to me was the massed rank and file in a fantasy setting. This is primarily why I won’t be wholeheartedly switching systems to AOS (plus I really don’t want to rebase to round).

So what options are now open. Well in terms of a supported system, this now pretty much leaves just Kings of War from Mantic  as the only viable system (which lets be honest is staffed by many of the former GW employees that were writing all the rules and systems when I got into the game!).

Thankfully at present the club still has a large 8th ed. whfb  following and for another year we will be running an annual tournament with over 20 players so no decision is yet needed.

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